Set in the fictional Stedman College of Medicine, still 2 is a continuation of an epic four-part series that illustrates the redemptive power the cross.

Fadesola Cardoso
The secret that could destroy Fadesola’s carefully constructed façade is out but the devastation she expected does not happen. Now she is navigating the treacherous waters of being in love with two men. While Fadesola looks to these two men, she will soon realize that her healing does not lie with them but in the God, she struggles to trust. Will she dare to believe and forgive the past or will she hold on to the bitterness that has held her captive for years.

Ladi Adeoti
Ladi is in love with Fadesola. But will their relationship withstand the outside forces and the secret that threatens to tear them apart? In the second year of medical school, Ladi’s character is tested and he wonders if he can live up to everyone’s expectations and most of all his expectations of himself.

Tayo Smith
Tayo smith is coming to terms with the mistakes from his past. As he grapples with the implications of Fadesola’s secret, his life falls apart. He knows that secret would make it impossible to be with Nikky Abe the woman he loves. But he finds hope in the least expected place and he realizes that maybe forgiveness is available to him after all.

Nikky Abe
Nikky Abe is coping with loss. She questions everything she has ever believed in. But she does not stop believing in Tayo smith. But the imperfect relationship will face its biggest test yet, Fadesola’s secret.