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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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The tale of two cities

I’ve always felt like  I had  two sides of me, two cities  or two husbands ( * keep dreaming gal*)   one I know like the back of my hand, one that is demanding, one that is safe. The other one I don’t really know, I flirted with him when I was younger, forgot we ever dated, one I am wary of, one I don’t really know.
This one this unfamiliar one is the “One” I feel God is leading me to. I could be wrong. It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t look right. I wasn’t trained to write. I didn’t go to any writing class. I don’t even have confidence in myself yet I have decided to stick with “him”.

The familiar one has been my life. my goal, my obsession for twenty years of my life. Medicine is what I know. Medicine is comfortable. Medicine is home.

I will always call myself the unlikely almost unwilling writer. I often ask myself why I am doing this. I don’t feel confident. Beta readers have not fallen in love with the book like I imagined and reimagined in my head. Yet I am running blind. I am still working on the novel,  revamping story arcs, povs ,  removing an entire character and looking for a line editor. Still,  its out of my comfort zone.

But the beauty of this is,  I am taking a leap of faith, the same leap of faith I took when I left my life in Chicago Illinois and moved to Washington DC for medical school. No plan, no real understanding of who God was but I read Hebrews 11 verse 1 and with no clear plan and  I leapt.

I am leaping again trusting He will catch me before I fall

Medical Residency Interview number four on Monday!

Until next time folks, be B. A.D.D, bad like that