The tale of two cities
September 20, 2018
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On half baked cookies and interview experiences reloaded

No one likes a half baked cookie. I especially don’t because I love food and no one messes up with my food. Similarly  I was going to publish my book as a half baked cookie. I removed the timer because its not plausible to publish a book that I would be confident of in that time frame .

I wonder how many things that I am  waiting on God for that is half baked and I insist that I am  ready and want it now. Maybe the cookie is still half baked and its simply not time yet.

 Going through the beta reading process, I realized that I needed to remove a  whole character and change the point of view. I needed to pause.  My tentative date for release is March 31st because its Match month in March -the month  I will find out where I will be spending the next three years of my life!

I went for my second interview last week and I learned
1. There’s nothing new under sun, interviews are pretty much the same and since I did this whole dance two years ago , there really isn’t anything new I could get asked.

2.  Medical personnel ( medical students, residents etc)  love food- there was a skinny girl that surpassed even me. If I tell you I love food, I do. Everyone in med school knew I loved it, I could sniff out free food like a dog, everyone at work knows I love food.  I am ALWAYS first to get free  food and when there’s food at church I am always first in line.

I feel its a crime against humanity when I don’t get to indulge in free food.

Anyway this girl was not shy, while I held myself back since I didn’t want to look like a foodie during this interview, this girl was busy packing food for takeaway. She called it “one for the road’ No one had to tell me twice, I was right behind her packing food. *covers head in shame*
And for the interview, I actually liked the school I went to.
The people there seemed genuinely happy and that is so important in residency.

Until next time folks, be B. A.D.D, bad like that