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July 25, 2018
Pregnant, Pastoring and Unwed
September 20, 2018
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Forward/Young Girl Dreaming

I am just going to act like I haven’t blogged in a whole year.

A lot has happened in my absence from this space.

2017 is a year I will always remember but also one I would like to forget and move one from.

A lot of happy happenings sprinkled with small dose of pain.

But it was hopeful, exciting breathless.

I almost sound like I miss it.

I do.

I miss the hope I felt, the breath of new promise.

But I am learning to look forward and not limit God.

See if I keep my eyes on the past and how fun it was or what could have been, then I wont move forward. If I can’t move forward then I can’t experience the new plans God has in store for me.  It was a strange year.

One I both loved and hated, but I loved it more.

This year almost feels like one long continuation of 2017.

But  life should be lived in one direction: forward!